Random Thought: Is God Gay?

In all the current controversies about homosexuality, I find it ironic that in a country where "separation of church and state" is one of its basic tenets, people use the Bible and religion to discriminate against an entire section of society, most not even pretending to find non-religious reasons for their hate.

Especially because God could be gay, or at least not as manly as people want to believe.

Think about it.  He impregnates a woman from afar, because he wouldn't want to touch her.  Ewww!  Then, he sends someone else to tell her the news, because he wants to avoid the Drama.

But I think it begins before then.  Look at the story of Job.  What does God do to punish Job?  He takes away his hair.  First, God noticed his hair???  How many guys do you know that notice other men's hair?  And then he thinks, "Wow!  I know what will hurt him the most.  I'll take away his hair!"